Motorfilms Quarterly Volume 20: DWPDVD3020

  • PAL is the UK and European standard and NTSC is for the USA and Japan only.  if you are ordering a DVD to go to the Americas or to Japan, please add a note to the seller at the checkout that you require the NTSC version of the DVD/s you are purchasing.

  • 1956 BRSCC Club Racing Review - Part 2     (18:11)


    The best print we could bring to you of this magnificent movie made for the always dynamic yet immensely sociable British Racing & Sports Car Club’s competition activities during that memorable season.

    There’s Only One Gerry - Vauxhall Motors - 1976     (23:25)


    Wonderful 1970s period piece shot fly-on-the-wall style in colour with irrepressible, larger-than-life, blindingly quick, hugely successful British racing character Gerry Marshall at the height of his talents in the Dealer Team Vauxhall super saloon of ‘76.

    1938 German Racing Season     (26:23)


    Stunningly high-quality Third Reich propaganda movie recently discovered in this version including considerable seldom-seen footage, all complete with its original German-language commentary.You know the style, "Visit Germany before we visit you!".

    1970 Jack Brabham Farewell Dinner -Ford Motor Company-1970 (12:26)


    An opportunity to share the inside view of what Formula 1 was really like in this heroic age, the motor racing world’s goodbye to Sir Jack upon his premature retirement, with the extraordinary Graham Hill at his absolute best, proposing the after-dinner toast. Motor racing stand-up at its finest.


    Sweat, Sand and Salt - Daytona Beach racing 1949


    Grit in your teeth, all arms and elbows as NASCAR’s pioneers do battle around the Floridan sand dunes’ temporary speedway.


    Up the Wall at AVUS - 1959 German GP


    Wonderful footage of perhaps Formula 1’s most bizarre World Championship-qualifying Grand Prix, three-heats, aggregate result, 180mph-plus and a Ferrari 1-2-3.


    Total Running Time 1 Hour 26 Minutes approximately