Motorfilms Quarterly Volume 18: DWPDVD3018

  • PAL is the UK and European standard and NTSC is for the USA and Japan only.  if you are ordering a DVD to go to the Americas or to Japan, please add a note to the seller at the checkout that you require the NTSC version of the DVD/s you are purchasing.

  • 1924 Grand Prix de l’ACF, Lyon-Givors     (10:38)


    Jaw-dropping quality coverage of Grand Prix racing more than 80 years ago. This fantastic black-and-white footage was shot for none other than Ettore Bugatti, covering the debut of his now legendary Bugatti Type 35 – the 2-litre straight-8 engined model which became the classical vintage racer.

    2006 Classic Adelaide Rally, South Australia – MFQ exclusive     (9:15)


    For ten years this remarkable South Australian event has set the international standard for classic car tarmac rallying – join us in-car on one of Classic Adelaide’s jewel-in-the-crown special stages; the 15.5 mile (25km) magnificently rhythmic driver’s dream known as ‘Paris Creek Road’.

    1978 Rally Triumph – British Leyland     (30:33)


    And here’s how the real pros went about tarmac rallying, 1978-style, with the works Triumph V8 driven by the late, great Tony Pond and navigated by Fred Gallagher in the Ypres and Manx Rallies – long lost colour footage jam-packed with spectacular action!

    1954 Objective Monte Carlo     (19:50)


    It’s darkest January, it’s time for ‘The Monte’ so what better than to don duffle coat, scarf and hat, board your AEC enthusiasts’ club coach and follow the fun? We travel with the Duchess of Newcastle and her newfound chums to the Riviera, always finding time to patronise the bar on-board ‘Gay Consort’.

    1947 Jersey International Road Race     (17:10)


    PERHAPS THE FINEST FULL-COLOUR FOOTAGE MFQ HAS EVER OFFERED – stunning in its content and quality, this remarkable movie captures the first international motor race to be run on British soil after World War 2 – but most of the cars, and certainly the course conditions, are entirely pre-war. See Prince Bira, Louis Chiron, Raymond Sommer, ‘Gigi’ Villoresi, Reg Parnell, Peter Walker, Bob Gerard and so many more in this 60-year old colour classic!


    Total Running Time 1 Hour 31 Minutes approximately