Motorfilms Quarterly Volume 21: DWPDVD3021

  • PAL is the UK and European standard and NTSC is for the USA and Japan only.  if you are ordering a DVD to go to the Americas or to Japan, please add a note to the seller at the checkout that you require the NTSC version of the DVD/s you are purchasing.

  • Within The White Line - Austin Motor Company - 1938     (2:40)


    Marvel at the passive safety of a pre-war Austin...rolled for the cause.


    Devil Drivers - 1938     (8:00)


    American view of European grand prix racing, dirt-track racing and Indianapolis.


    The Triumph Marque - Standard Triumph     (15:00)


    Fine quality contemporary colour review of Triumph TR competition from straightline record breaking on the Jabbeke Highway to 24-Hours round Le Mans.


    Tour de Corse 1971- British Leyland     (12:40)


    Lovely contemporary colour coveraqe of the punishingly twisty, hilly Corsican international Rally, featuring Brian Culcheth and BL’s TR7.



    1951 Bridgehampton -1961 German Grand Prix -1967 Daytona (3:45)


    Contemporary news-crew coverage of three now classic events - pioneer postwar American road racing, Moss’s Lotus triumph over Ferrari ‘61, and Ferrari’s humbling of Ford ‘67 - as the cinema audiences would have seen them.


    Austin-Rover Win Again - Austin Rover - 1982     (15:40)


    Yes really - a fine period colour movie covering the activities of the wonderful Rover SD1 V8s in both rally and touring car Championship trim; heavyweight fun of the fair!


    Fart, Fart, Fart! - British Motor Corporation - 1968     (12:30)


    A very entertaining look at Swedish Mini racing on the Danish Roskildering circuit. You will hardly credit this was once a Formula 1 venue! Swedish commentary.


    The Club 57 (Part One) - British Racing & Sports Car Club     (12:30)


    By courtesy of the BRSCC - the famous British club’s 1957 annual review movie, as prepared for their annual end-of-year film show - racing from the inside!


    Total Running Time 1 Hour 34 Minutes approximately