Motorfilms Quarterly Volume 16: DWPDVD3016

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  • Formula Junior 1960 - David Roscoe     (16:32)


    Beautiful quality, typically tongue-in-cheek Roscoe survey of that historic season’s schoolroom-class racing - top pupils Jim Clark and Trevor Taylor star in this wonderfully nostalgic full-colour footage...

    1905 200h.p. Darracq - MFQ     (4:34)


    After 52 long years the Firkins family ownership has restored this Land Speed Record-breaking monster to thunderous life - one hundred years ago this pioneering 25.4-litre V8 broke records at up to 120mph!

    A Great Year for Girling (Part Two) - Girling     (22:01)


    A colourful glimpse of John Surtees and ‘Bob Mac’ 1959 Isle of Man TT - the Monte Carlo, Safari and Alpine Rallies - and Jack Brabham’s Cooper victory in the British Grand Prix.

    An Audience with WB (Part Four) - MFQ exclusive interview     (9:36)


    The irrepressible Bill Boddy, veteran Editor of ‘Motor Sport’ magazine, recalls how his motoring life really was through the 1940s-1970s.

    Austin-Healey at Bonneville - 1953 - The Austin Motor Company  (11:24)


    Flat-out on the Utah Salt Flats; an American colour movie view of very British record-breaking with Donald Healey, Geoffrey Healey, Capt. George Eyston and their stock Austin-Healey 100.

    Grand Prix racing 1938 - German Archive     (9:53)


    Just as contemporary German enthusiasts would have seen it, covering the 1938 French, German and Swiss GPs, Pescara’s Coppa Acerbo and Livorno’s Coppa Ciano.


    PLUS: Hear it straight from the winner, Kelly Petillo, 1935 Indy ‘500’ - an American view of the Monte Carlo Rally ’59 - Mercedes-Benz W154 at Indy 1947 - Colour commercials from Austin-Healey, MG and Triumph.


    Total Running Time 1 Hour 26 Minutes approximately