Motorfilms Quarterly Volume 17: DWPDVD3017

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  • Look North (1963) David Roscoe     (7:00)


    The typically light-hearted last in our popular series of David Roscoe films. 1963 BRSCC club racing at Yorkshire’s Elvington aerodrome.

    Grand Prix Racing 1939 - German Archive     (13:30)


    Final part of MFQ’s fabulous-quality Mercedes-Benz propaganda movie, uncut and complete with its pre-war German commentary – follow the W154s from the Dessau Rekordstrecke to Pau, the Nürburgring, Tripoli, Spa and the Bremgarten…

    Raymond Baxter Tribute


    We offer two period-piece movies recalling the voice of British motor sport at his most Britannic best…


    Stirling Moss and the XK120 (1951)     (9:20)


    A lovely period piece featuring ex-RAF Spitfire pilot Baxter in bar-stool discussion with young superstar Stirling Moss…

    Special Section (1965) Rootes Group     (20:12)


    Baxter excels in this ground-breaking coverage of the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally – full-colour footage onboard Peter Harper/Ian Hall’s Sunbeam Tiger V8, complete with intercom audio…


    Three Into One (1976) British Leyland     (13:49)


    Unusual full-colour view of the 1976 Monaco Grand Prix weekend, F1 Ferraris, Tyrrells and JPS-Lotuses provide the backdrop for the Formula 3 race, featuring Tony Dron and Bruno Giacomelli.

    British Grand Prix 1951     (19:35)


    Truly sensational, staggering-quality colour coverage of paddock, pits and race at Silverstone as José Froilàn Gonzàlez and Ferrari plot the downfall of Juan-Manuel Fangio, Nino Farina and the fabulous Alfa Romeo Alfetta fleet - material absolutely NOT TO BE MISSED!


    Total Running Time 1 Hour 28 Minutes approximately