Best Of Land Rover Volume Two: HMFDVD5014

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  • Rover Review (1957/58) 12 minutes


    This ‘newsreel’-style film takes us to the Solihull factory where we can join in a ‘Point to Point’ with the Land-Rover Owners’ Club and then meet the Duke of Edinburgh. For those of a military inclination, NATO put on a splendid display for our benefit and finally we can watch Land Rovers rain from the skies alongside crack parachute troops.


    Land-Rover Ability (1969) 15 minutes


    Land Rover comes of age at twenty-one years old. How better to celebrate than by testing its abilities to the limit across the most rugged landscape which can be found. Among the unusual feats demonstrated  an impressive display of firefighting and how to dangle from a military helicopter during transport.


    Overland to the Lost World (1959) 23 minutes


    Land Rover once again demonstrates its adventurous nature, this time in South America. The expedition is led by Adrian Cowell, who also headed the ‘First Overland’ expedition to Singapore. The joint Oxford and Cambridge University team starts off in Guyana to follow a little used cattle trail on a gruelling circular tour of the sub-continent.


    Land Rover Driving Technique (1974) 12 minutes


    Land Rover, the ‘go anywhere’ vehicle – this film challenges the driver to prove this maxim, imparting the principles required along with a practical demonstration.


    Combat Land Rover Line Up (1967) 11 minutes


    In 1967 the Rover company held a Land Rover / Alvis day to parade their military vehicles in front of the ‘top brass’. This provides us with a sneak preview of many unusual prototypes and conversions in action.


    A Means to All Ends (1973) 18 minutes


    Take a look at the Series III making its way down the production line, each vehicle built to order with its own individual specification before progressing to the proving ground. Then watch as it travels the globe, taking on every kind of job and using every bit of specialist equipment imaginable.


    Total running time 90 minutes approximately