The Best of Range Rover: HMFDVD5016

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  • A compilation of classic original promotional films from the Land Rover Archives re-mastered for DVD. Including period TV ads.

    A Car For All Reasons (1969) (14 minutes)

    Range Rover’s launch theme in 1970 was ‘Four cars in One’ - the comfort of a luxury saloon - the road holding of a performance car - the capacity of an estate car - and the ‘go-anywhere’ capability of the Land Rover. By way of illustration we see a rolling chassis being tested in the grounds of Eastnor Castle while the prototype tackles the sands of the Sahara desert.

    Sahara South (1969) (17 minutes)

    Learn more about the Sahara expedition just glimpsed in ‘A Car for All Reasons’. On a 3,500 mile trek through the toughest desert in the world, the youngest endurance vehicle encounters the local Tuareg who have lived there for generations. They both discover that they share a capacity for survival in harsh conditions.

    Range Rover - Die Limosine fur alle Wege (1981) (15 minutes)

    A rare chance to see how Range Rover was marketed in Germany. A literal translation of the title makes bad English, but the sentiment expressed is ‘Range Rover the 4x4 Limousine’. The film sets about showing its versatility from many glamorous Continental settings to participation in the tough Camel Trophy competition.

    Trip (1973) (3 minutes)

    How better to show Range Rover superiority than a car chase movie?

    High Society (1985) (21 minutes)

    And another car chase movie, this time with a slightly more complicated plot and including shots of the vehicle being assembled in the factory.

    Total running time 80 minutes approximately