Bugatti by HG Conway - Part Two: DWPDVD4005

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  • This is Part Two of the definitive story of Bugatti by the internationally acknowledged authority and acclaimed author HG (Hugh) Conway.
    They were intended as the ultimate introduction to Ettore Bugatti and his extraordinary automotive creations illustrated with the largest collection of rare archive film. The programmes were made in 1988 shortly before his death in 1989. This updated version has been digitally re-mastered for DVD and includes a wealth of new archive footage and material that has come to light since the original production.


    Type 43
    Type 45, 47
    Type 44
    Type 41 'Royale' luxury car Railcar
    Type 46 Passenger car - 3 litre
    Type 51 GP racing car - twin camshaft
    Type 50 Supercharged 'Grand Sport' car - 4.9 litre
    Type 54 GP racing car - 4.9 litre
    Type 53 4 wheel dnve competition car
    Type 55 Supercharged 'Super-Sports' car
    Type 57 Touring car-3,3litre
    Type 59 GP racing car - 3,3, litre
    Type 575 & 5C Sports car - 3,3 litre (57 SC supercharged)
    Type 57G 'Tank bodied' sports racing car

    PLUS Two newly restored original silent films:'1926 Targa Florio'

    'Les Principales Grande Victoires de Bugatti en 1929'

    Total Running Time 1 Hour 10 Minutes approximately